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粉刷匠决定翻译OpenERP Book6的MRP部分

  • http://doc.openerp.com/v6.0/book/5/5_15_Manufacturing/index.html<br /><br />翻译完的部分他会在这里贴出来,我们通过qq群 review后转到博客上。

  • http://doc.openerp.com/v6.0/book/5/5_15_Manufacturing/index.html<br /><br />翻译完的部分他会在这里贴出来,我们通过qq群 review后转到博客上。

  • Defining your Master Data<br />定义你的主数据<br />原文地址:http://doc.openerp.com/v6.0/book/5/5_15_Manufacturing/index.html<br />The management of manufacturing described in this chapter covers planning, ordering, stocks and the manufacturing or assembly of products from raw materials and components. It also discusses consumption and production of products, as well as the necessary operations on machinery, tools or human resources.<br />在本章中介绍的生产管理包含了计划、订货、库存、从原材料生产产品或从零部件装配产品。除了讨论机械加工的工序、机床和人力资源外,它还讨论产品的生产和消耗。<br />Manufacturing management in OpenERP is based on its stock management and equally very flexible in both its operations and its financial control. It particularly benefits from the use of double-entry stock management for production orders.<br />OpenERP中的生产管理基于库存管理,在操作和财务控制上非常灵活。这特别得益于生产订单的库存管理采用了复式记账这种方法。<br />Manufacturing management is implemented by the mrp module. It is used to transform all kinds of products:<br />生产管理通过MRP模块来实现。它被用于对各种类型的产品进行加工。<br />• Assemblies of parts: composite products, soldered or welded products, assemblies, packs,<br />• Machined parts: machining, cutting, planing,<br />• Foundries: clamping, heating,<br />• Mixtures: mixing, chemical processes, distillation.<br />• 部件:套装产品、粘接或焊接的产品、装配件、捆绑产品。<br />You will work in two areas: with products in the first part of this chapter, and with operations in the second part. The management of products depends on the concept of classifications while operations management is related to routing and workcenters.<br />在本章你将接触到两个内容:第一部分将讨论产品,本章的第二部分将讨论工艺。产品管理基于分类,操作管理基于工艺流程和车间。<br />Note<br />注意<br />Bills of Materials<br />物料清单<br />Bills of Materials, or manufacturing specifications, go by different names depending on their application area, for example:<br />物料清单或制造规格在不同的应用领域有不同的名称<br />• Food: Recipes,<br />• Chemicals: Equations,<br />• Building: Plans.<br />• 食品领域:食谱<br />• 化学领域:方程式<br />• 建筑领域:预算<br />For this chapter you should start with a fresh database that includes demo data, with mrp (Manufacturing) and its dependencies installed and a generic chart of accounts configured. As you will notice, when you select Manufacturing to be installed, OpenERP will install the linked applications automatically.<br />要学习本章,你的OpenERP需要一个包含了演示数据的新数据库,并安装好生产(MRP)模块及被其依赖的模块以及通用会计科目表。<br />

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